Top 10 Aesthetic Clinics for the Safest Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments in Singapore (2024)

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Aesthetic Clinics for the Safest Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments in Singapor
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Today, people are getting tattoos for many reasons like culture, the memory of some loved one, fashion trends, and simply just for the sake of design. Even face tattoos are growing in popularity while body tattoos are becoming more mainstream. 

Just like people are getting tattoos done for so many reasons, there are also many reasons that people want to get their tattoos removed permanently. A wrong tattoo can negatively affect a relationship, a career opportunity, or it can be a complete disaster if the final design does not come out as your expectations.   

Although tattoos are permanent, you can lighten or remove them if you want to. This can be done by laser tattoo removal treatment. In this article, we have listed the best laser and aesthetic clinics where you can get your tattoo removed with advanced FDA-approved laser treatments. 

Patricia Yuen Dermatology
Address 290 Orchard Road #02-04 Paragon Singapore 238859
Contact Details +65 6690 5486
Operating Hours 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Patricia Yuen Dermatology is the best laser clinic in Singapore for tattoo removal treatment. The clinic is fully equipped with US FDA-approved lasers and equipment. Dr. Patricia Yuen heads the clinic, is trained in the United States, and is one of Singapore’s leading dermatologists. She has over 20 years of experience in various medical and cosmetic skin problems. Dr. Patricia has been trained under the mentorship of Professor Chan Heng Leong, who is the Pioneer of Dermatology in Singapore. 

PicoWay tattoo removal work at Patricia Yuen Dermatology:

  • PicoWay uses ultra-short pulses that are directed on the tattoo
  • It shatters the ink used in the tattoos, leaving the outer skin intact and unharmed
  • PicoWay tattoo removal treatment is suitable for all skin type of skin tones
  • This advanced tattoo removal technology is effective in treating tattoos of all colors
  • Can easily eliminate most tattoos
What people says:

I cannot recommend Dr. Yuen highly enough – she is brilliant, and a miracle worker! From a sparkling office, to highly trained and efficient staff, the experience at her clinic is incredibly pleasant and professional. Dr. Yuen has an empathetic, trustworthy manner, and offers a wide array of cutting-edge treatments with a conservative approach. I always know that she will give me honest and knowledgeable advice, and trust her implicitly. She has made significant impact on my skin, and I will be seeing her for many years to come. Thank you Dr. Yuen!”- Aurora Kamenitz

“A very professional team of doctor and nurses. Dr Yuen takes time to listen to your problems and recommend appropriate solutions accordingly. My skin condition has improved significantly. Nurses are very friendly.”- Kuang Qiuting

The Aesthetics Centre
Address #01-137 Great World City (Office Tower, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
Contact Details +65 6820 3308
Email [email protected]
Operating Hours Monday & Thursday- 11 am-8 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday- 9 am-6 pm

Saturday- 10 am-2 pm

Since 2007, The Aesthetics Centre is the trusted laser clinic for affordable tattoo removal treatment in Singapore. At Aesthetics Centre, advanced laser technology is used for removing tattoos so that no harm is caused to the skin. The team at this clinic is well-versed in laser technology and uses a personalized approach for each client. 

Tattoo removal treatment at The Aesthetic Centre:

  • The laser light selectively targets the ink which is broken down into tiny particles
  • The laser does not target the skin
  • The laser machine has been pre-set so that certain wavelengths are generated to target various ink colors and shades
  • The shattered ink is naturally flushed out of the body through the immune system
What people says:

I’ve been coming to this clinic for the past 13 years. Anita has been a very professional doctor. Always being so patient and kind to my request because I’m a very nervous patient. She’s also a very responsible doctor. If she find that certain treatment is not suitable for me, she will advise me not to go ahead. Unlike most places outside, they will sell you anything even if you don’t need it. She truly cares for her patients. Thank you so much for the past 13 years to make me look great 😊🙏🏻

Look forward to my next treatment soon.”- Vivaforever Tan

“I know Dr. Anita for more than a decade & when I think of her what instantly comes to my mind is her warm personality. Within no time she can make you feel at ease. At the same time she isn’t pushy & I can have objective discussions with her on my needs & her recommended treatments which I find so refreshing! 

Once you step into her clinic, rest assured that you are in trusted hands & the best of care! 

She is a thorough professional who constantly keeps herself updated with the latest advancement in the beauty & medicine industry. 

She also has an excellent staff & team at her clinic to support her.”- Gayatri

Jez Brows
Address 21 McCallum Street #01-10 The Clift, Singapore 069047
Contact Details 65 9139 0438
Email [email protected]
Operational Hour Monday to Saturday- 10:00 am-7:00 pm

Sundays and Holiday- 12:00 pm-5:00 pm (Appointment only)

Jez Brows offers the best tattoo removal treatments in Singapore. With the technology, it is now possible to remove tattoos with a laser. At Jez Brows, they use the most effective and up-to-date laser technology to effectively and smoothly remove tattoos without causing any harm to the skin. You get a free 15-min consultation to know more about their tattoo removal procedure.  

Tattoo removal at Jez Brows:

  • Advanced skills and equipment for tattoo removal
  • Consultation is given to determine what type of laser and number of sittings will be required for tattoo removal
  • The number of treatment sessions required depends on the age, type, size, and pigment depth of your tattoo
  • A free 15-min consultation is available for tattoo removal
What people says:

High fully recommended…. I has done my perfect eyebrows with Master Jessie .

I had previous eyebrows done at another place , but it’s look very bad and my friend introduced Jessie to me . She is very professional and friendly. Thanks you for amazing work …Will come back again …”- Audrey Tan

“Can only recommend Jezbrows! From their exceptional customer service and the amazing procedure results. It is the best lash lift & tint I have had in Singapore. Becoming a regular customer and giving me a smile every time im there! Thank you for the amazing work you do and keep it up.”- Hoang Huu Khanh Steven

Freia Medical
Address Royal Square Novena, 101 Irrawaddy Road, #14-12/13 Singapore 329565
Contact Details tel: +65 6735 8180
Email [email protected]
Operational Hour Monday to Thursday- 9 am-7 pm

Friday- 9 am-9 pm

Saturday- 10 am-3 pm

Tattoo regret is very common these days, it may put a strain on your interpersonal relationships, or affect employment opportunities. You need not worry as Freia Medical is well-versed in advanced tattoo removal treatment in Singapore. They use the most advanced C6 Medilite or Picosure tattoo removal treatment. This tattoo removal technique is far better than the traditional laser that have have the risk of scarring.  

C6 Medilite or Picosure tattoo removal treatment at Freia Medical:

  • Better technology than the traditional Q-switched Nd: Yag lasers 
  • It fires laser beams with shorter pulse durations in the picosecond duration
  • Enables “Pico Dusting Effect”, which pulverizes tattoo pigment at high pressure
  • The photoacoustic effect breaks down the tattoo inks into a fine dust cloud which gets absorbed much more efficiently and quickly
  • You need lesser treatment sessions for tattoo removal
  • Less thermal damage to the normal tissues, thus less redness and swelling
  • Very effective on blue, green, and purple inks, or stubborn tattoos
What people says:

Dr. Harold Ma and his team is very professional and friendly too! Dr. Harold Ma is very patient in dealing with my queries. He makes you feel comfortable throughout and explain in details on the process. The result is very satisfactory indeed. I have no regret. Kudos to them.. Thank you once again Dr. Harold Ma and Team!”- Mohd Zamir

I had a great experience with Freia medical! Dr Ma and his team is very approachable. The whole procedure was fuss free and results are life changing. Would definitely recommend anyone with hair loss issue to visit Freia Medical.”- Kelmen Tan 

Address 1 Raffles Place, #05-12/13 Singapore 048616
Contact Details +65 6935 1811
Email [email protected]
Operational Hours Monday to Friday- 10:00 am-8 pm

Saturday- 10:00 am-3 pm

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic provides FDA-approved laser tattoo removal services in Singapore at the best prices. The charges start from $50 per session of tattoo removal. Sozo Aesthetics uses the latest Pico laser technologies to ensure utmost safety and efficacy in tattoo removal. The medical staff at the aesthetic clinic will consult you and assess your tattoo’s size, type, age, and depth to determine the number of laser treatment sessions you will require. 

Tattoo removal service at Sozo Aesthetic Clinic:

  • Tattoo removal at $50 per session
  • Picoplus, Picosure, and Picoway laser technologies available for tattoo removal
  • Picosecond laser treatment generates high power energy that breaks down tattoo ink
  • 5-10 sessions are required depending on the size and color of the tattoo
  • 3-7 days of downtime for skin redness
  • The use of creams and high-grade sunblock is necessary for post-laser care
What people says:

Went over for my first tattoo removal session today. The extremely cute receptionist was very friendly and helpful. Felt much very much as ease after she explained the process. Would definitely recommend this clinic for the service and friendly staff!”- Brandon Tann

I really enjoyed my experience at Sozo clinic! Dr Justin is very knowledgable and the staff are friendly and welcoming. I felt very safe in their hands.”- B Law

Dr. Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics Clinic
Address 360 Orchard Road #05-06, International Building Singapore, 238869
Contact Details +65 6733 4433
Email [email protected]
Operating Hours  10 am to 7 pm

Dr. Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics Clinic is the trusted name when it comes to the safest laser tattoo removal treatments in Singapore. At the clinic, the laser tattoo removal procedure is carried out by Singapore Medical Council (SMC) registered doctors who take all precautions to make the process safe and comfortable for the client. With each laser session, the tattoo gets faded without any harm to the surrounding skin.  

Laser tattoo removal at Dr. Cindy’s Aesthetics Clinic:

  • Laser tattoo removal treatment is performed by SMC-registered doctors
  • Minimal downtime for healing
  • Effective on removing tattoos from any part of the body
  • The procedure takes around 20 minutes depending on the tattoo’s size
  • Starwalker or Lutronic’s Q-switched Nd: YAG Spectra laser penetrates a beam of energy into the skin to disintegrate the tattoo ink
  • The particles of the tattoo ink get disintegrated into small particles that are processed by blood cells and removed from the body
What people says:

“This is a branch of Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics, their main clinic is in orchard. I sometimes do my treatments here or replenish my products as I live closer in the east. I recomend u to talk to Priscilla if u have any questions about the treatment, she really has good product and service knowledge, she never failed to accommodate my change of appointments and reminds me ahead of my appointments. Good service and I like the Tampines location as it is just next to Tampines MRT Station.”- Little Dot

“The staff are very friendly and welcoming. Recommended this clinic for those who are looking for the treatment they needed.”- Kai Ying

Dr. Kevin Chua
Address 360 Orchard Road, International Building #03-05, Singapore 238869
Contact Details +65 6694 6700
Email [email protected]
Clinic Hours 9 am to 7 pm

You can visit Dr. Kevin Chua aesthetic clinic in Singapore for removing your tattoo safely. Only safe and effective laser tattoo removal techniques are used in the clinic. PicoWay Laser and MedLite C6 laser system is the most advanced technology, available at the clinic for tattoo removal services. All types of tattoos, of all colors, are safely and removed with their advanced laser systems.  

Laser tattoo removal at Dr. Kevin Chua Aesthetic Clinic:

  • PicoWay and MedLite C6 laser technologies for tattoo removal
  • PicoWay is suitable for removing tattoos of the most difficult colors including blue and green
  • MedLite C6, a gold standard Q-switch system, targets ink molecules at an extremely high rate without damaging or harming the surrounding the skin
  • 2 to 12 sessions of laser treatment is required depending on the location, skin type, color, and amount of ink
What people says:

I am very grateful to have come across a doctor like Dr Kevin Chua. He’s a very caring doctor who genuinely cares about his patients’ wellbeing. Not only is he a very professional and knowledgeable doctor, he’s also a doctor with a heart of gold. Rest assured that you will definitely be in good hands with Dr Chua. And I must say I am also very impressed with the service provided by his staff. They are very friendly and helpful, especially Lina who goes the extra mile for patients. Thank you Dr Kevin Chua & staff :-)”- Laura Yuan

“What a amazing God’s divine appointment for me to meet my dear bro, Dr kelvin for my tattoo removal session…  It’s an amazing experience and this place is Cozy and staffs r friendly…  Praise God for ur work with people who wants to change for a better tomorrow…  Thank u Dr Kelvin and Dr Iro..”- Yongwei Wong

Address TripleOne Somerset, #04-08, Singapore 238164
Contact Details +65 6690 4041
Email [email protected]
Operational Hours Monday to Friday- 11:00 am-8:00 pm

Saturday- 10:00 am-4:00 pm

Get your tattoo removed permanently and safely at Zion Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore. Fotona Starwalker Picopulse laser is the most advanced technology which is used for removing tattoos on any part of the body. Dr. NG Hong Yi has over 10 years of experience as an aesthetic practitioner in Singapore. 

PICO Laser tattoo removal treatment at Zion Aesthetic Clinic:

  • PICO laser tattoo removal treatment is a non-surgical procedure
  • No downtime required
  • Each session of PICO laser treatment lasts for 15-20 minutes
  • Fotona Starwalker PICO removes tattoos permanently with no regression
  • Does not require pre-numbing of the targeted area
What people says:

“Staff are very friendly and kind, excellent customer service. The dr is also very nice and explains everything with patience. Love the staff and the service, definitely recommended…”- Hande

“Had a great experience at Zion. Everyone was very friendly, welcoming, and not at all pushy! Doctor Ng was very professional and skillful. The clinic is also a very clean and lovely place. Definitely recommend it!”- Xueqi Koh

S Aesthetics Clinic
Address 1 Scotts Road #03-02 Shaw Centre Singapore 228208
Contact Details +65 6235 0338
Email [email protected]
Clinic Hours Monday to Friday- 10:00 am-9:00 pm

Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays- 10:00 am-6:00 pm

The thought of going through a tattoo removal process might be frightening to most people. At S Aesthetics Clinic, utmost comfort and safety are guaranteed while carrying on laser tattoo removal treatment. The aesthetic clinic has advanced and the safest laser technology Q-switch for tattoo removal in Singapore.  

Tattoo removal services at S Aesthetic Clinic:

  • Q-switch Nd: Yag Laser technology is used for removing the tattoo 
  • The latest laser technology uses a high energy laser beam that penetrates through the outer layer of the skin
  • It completely shatters and destroys the tattoo ink permanently
  • The immune system of your body naturally removes the particles of tattoo ink over the time
What people says:

“Enjoyed myself very much. Dr Sii is very gentle and attentive. Super patient as well & explained every single details and info that I need to know. Introduced my sisters & friends to him as well. 100% highly recommended. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻”- Pearl Soegianto

“Love the new Shaw location, looks spacious and modern. staff are professional, efficient and super friendly, not pushy at all. Dr Sii is the best! He is extremely patient and gentle. Absolutely no regrets having my treatments done by him. My last treatment with him was about 2 years ago and he still remembers me till this day. He always understands what I want and does his very best to ensure I walk out feeling happy and satisfied. Would highly recommend Dr Sii 😁”- Ann Y

Address 252 Tembeling Road, Tembeling Centre #01-08, Singapore 423731
Contact Details +65 6581 9633
Email [email protected]
Operational Hours Monday to Friday- 11:00 am-8:00 pm

Saturday- 10:00 am-7:00 pm

Astute Medical Clinic is the top laser clinic in Singapore for tattoo removal services. The clinic is well-equipped with modern Q-switches and Pico-lasers for carrying out tattoo removal efficiently and permanently. There is a highly experienced team of medical professionals who make sure the tattoo removal treatment is carried out with utmost safety and comfort. 

PICO Discovery laser tattoo removal treatment at Astute Medical Clinic:

  • Latest technology in tattoo removal treatment
  • The high powered laser beam is targeted on tattoos, pulverizing the ink into micro-particles
  • It protects the surrounding skin 
  • For better results, a combination of Q-switched and Pico-lasers are used
  • Effective for the tattoo of any color, size, and age
What people says:

“I was recommended to this clinic especially the east coast branch as I was told about the great services and excellent skill, and it did not disappoint. Doctor Desmond, Jeslyn and Tiing Tiing were super friendly and informative. They make me feel really comfortable on my first visit. Highly recommend!!!”- Danica W.

“Excellent service from East coast branch staff. All doctors are skillful and experienced, trust their God hands. And also my all time favourite therapist Dolly, always get premium service from her.”- Samantha Chye

Is the tattoo removal procedure painful?

The treatment of tattoo removal using a laser does not cause serious pain, but there can be a little discomfort. The feeling is similar to being snapped by a rubber band. Prior to the laser tattoo removal treatment, numbing cream is applied to the targeted spot in order to minimize any discomfort. 

Post-laser treatment, there could be some soreness from the swelling that is very common. The downtime for healing after laser tattoo removal treatment is quite minimal. 

Just visit one of the above aesthetic and laser clinics to get your tattoo removed safely. 

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