What It’s Like To Be A Content Marketer At BestSingaporeBuy

by Justin Ong

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Hey, hey! Today we’re joined by Justin Ong, a talented content marketer currently sharing his expertise with the team at BestSingaporeBuy. Justin’s passion for helping people make informed decisions about their purchases shines through in his work, and we’re thrilled to have him here today to share some insights into his role and experience.

Question: So, Justin, before we dive into your work at BestSingaporeBuy, tell us a bit about your journey. We know you used to work as a journalist, but how did you end up in the content marketing world?

Ans: Well, it’s been a bit of a winding road! I loved my time as a journalist at TODAY, but I was ready for a new challenge and to explore different avenues for sharing information with people. When I came across the opportunity at BestSingaporeBuy, I knew it was the perfect fit. I could use my writing skills and journalistic background to help people make informed decisions about the products they buy.

Question: That’s great! So what does your role as a content marketer entail, exactly? Give us a sneak peek into your day-to-day.

Ans: Sure thing! At BestSingaporeBuy, I research and create engaging content across various topics, from home appliances to beauty products. I collaborate with the rest of the team to ensure our content aligns with our brand values and provides real value to our readers. And, of course, I’m always staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends and news to inform my writing.

Question: It sounds like you’re keeping busy! What have been some of your proudest moments or projects at BestSingaporeBuy so far?

Ans: Definitely our recent series on eco-friendly home products. I’m really passionate about sustainability and finding ways to make small changes that have a significant impact, so being able to research and write about that topic was really fulfilling. Plus, seeing our readers respond so positively to the content has been great.

Question: We love getting to know our interviewees beyond just their work – what are some fun facts about yourself you can share with us?

Ans: Well, I’m a big fan of cooking and experimenting with new recipes. And I’m a trivia buff – I love going to trivia nights with friends and flexing my knowledge on random topics.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, Justin! Your passion for helping people and creating engaging content is inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what you do next.

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